Bat Removal

Bat RemovalWe at Wildlife Control Services are trained to deal with your bat concerns. Bats visiting at your front door or living within your home, our staff have the knowledge to help you.

Wildlife Control Services has certified training from the National Wildlife Control Operations Association to specifically deal with your bat concerns.

Our technicians are trained to remove bat fecal matter and contaminated insulation from your attic as well as preventing them from re-entering your home. Although beneficial, you do not want them living in your home. Bats pop! A lot! and this attracts flies and other insects.Bats also carry lice, mites and bat bugs - which are similar looking to bed bugs. Bat waste can be infected with "Histoplasmosis", a fungal disease that affects your lungs. As well they are known to carry Rabies.

Alberta has nine species of bats but only two are know to live within buildings. "The Big Brown Bat" and "The Little Brown Bat".


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