Snake Removal

snake removal

We at wildlife control services are proud to provide a nuisance snake removal program. We will assess each situation and provide the best option available. We will apply either "attractants " for capture or "repellents " to persuade them to move elsewhere more suitable. All escaped / captured snakes will be re united with their owner or will be brought to a relocation society to find a new and caring home.

Wild snakes will be relocated to more suitable surroundings away from areas of concern. These areas will be best suited for the snake species at hand. Wildlife control services also provide a prevention program. Please feel free to contact us for any of your concerns, we will do our best to assist you.

To find out more about our snake removal services, please use the form on any page to contact us online. If you need immediate assistance, please call us at +1 (780) 445-4501.

We also offer snake repellent for sale. This snake repellant is an organic mix of natural plants such as garlic, onion, sulfur, and hot peppers. Contact us for more information!

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