Raccoon Removal

raccoon removal

Raccoons may be cute but they are one of the most invasive wildlife creatures to homeowners in Edmonton, AB. Raccoons have the tendency to cleverly steal food and destroy property. With their dexterous paws and bandit facial mask, they have gotten away with a lot of destruction to homes and businesses all over.

Raccoons are curious creatures and pay no mind to your property when in search for food. They destroy gardens, tip over trash cans, and cause a lot of exterior damage when in search for food.

When this nuisance occurs to any homeowner, you’ll want to rely on a knowledgeable wildlife control specialist to help you rid of the problem efficiently. Wildlife Control Services offers prompt raccoon removal service to residents all over Edmonton. When your unwanted guest keeps paying a visit to your home during the late nights, don’t let this disturbance be the cause of costly home repairs.

Our wildlife removal service will be able to safely trap the raccoon that is causing a ruckus on your property, and securely bring it back to it’s home. To prevent future raccoon incidents, remove any food or water from your yard.

We also provide squirrel, predator, and other wildlife control services for homeowners in Edmonton, AB. If you have a little bandit causing a commotion on your property contact us today!

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